Rumor has it that Cramer on CNBC is advocating holding some gold positions in your portfolio.  If ever there was a perma-bull, it is Cramer, and even he is concerned and cautious about the stock market.  The Dow is hanging just above 10,000 right now.  If you have any money in stocks that you care about, you should get it out, unless it is balanced with other investments like bonds.  If you have any more than 25% of your portfolio in stocks right now, you are taking a big gamble.  There is a lot of malinvestment in the economy and it is trying to fix itself.  The government is not allowing the fix to take place.

Although we may still see rallies, it is unlikely that stocks are going much higher from here in the short-term.  The only thing that can drive them a lot higher is massive inflation.  In that case, you are better off in other investments anyway.

The future is unpredictable and anything can happen, but stocks are not looking good right now.  When Cramer is cautious about stocks, that means "sell, sell, sell".