The Dollar Meltdown

Charles Goyette is the author of "The Dollar Meltdown".  I highly recommend this book.  It has great explanations of economics and has very helpful tips on different types of investments you can make to prepare for the meltdown of the U.S. dollar.  One of my few criticisms of the book is that, while the economics are timeless, the actual investment advice is only good for current events.  In other words, you can't necessarily follow the investment advice in 20 years and have it work.  I suppose the book was meant to be written this way.

My only advice to add to the advice in the book is to diversify better.  All of his investment strategies are betting on a meltdown of the U.S. dollar.  While I think this is a strong possibility, it is not definite and we also can't predict the timing of it.  If you read the book when it first came out and shorted bonds (as suggested in the book), then you would have lost a good chunk of money by now.  It is not to say that it won't work out in the long term, but again, it is a timing issue.

I just want to identify my criticisms of the book with my recommendation.  I think you should put at least half of your money in the permanent portfolio (as described by Harry Browne in "Fail Safe Investing"), but for the rest of your money, Charles Goyette's book is wonderful to use for the money you will speculate with.

Again, he has a plethora of suggestions for different ETFs, mutual funds, and other investment vehicles.  His reasoning for a dollar meltdown is sound and he understands free market economics and the dangers of a fiat currency with a Federal Reserve that is out of control.  Read this book.  You will enjoy it and you will get some great advice.