Bush is Back

George W. Bush has been back in the news lately with the release of his book.  He basically admits to allowing torture and he is as arrogant as ever.  He is also as incoherent as he has ever been.  The guy can't admit any mistakes and of course he still thinks he made the right decision in invading and occupying Iraq.

This is something that ruffles a lot of feathers, but Bush and Obama are a lot more alike than most would care to admit.  They are both arrogant and full of themselves.  They both surround themselves with horrible people.  Can you think of two more sleazy people than Karl Rove and Rahm Emmanuel?  These people are pretty much the scum of the earth.  This only shows that Hayek was correct in his assessment that the worst rise to the top in politics.  The presidency is the top and we continue to see the worst.

Ultimately, politics is not our answer to having a more free society.  The game has been rigged for a long time.  The Republicans and Democrats are in on it together.  There was not much of a choice between Bush and Kerry or between Obama and McCain.  Either way, we get an establishment politician that will continue with more war and more welfare.

If you want to help in bringing a more liberty-oriented society, the best thing you can do is to educate yourself and educate others.  Many libertarians neglect the first part.  They are not well versed in libertarianism.  How can you educate others on the benefits of liberty if you yourself cannot explain your position to others?  We should all seek to better ourselves at all times and we should always work on making our position more understandable for others.

We don't need to elect a libertarian to the presidency to move in a libertarian direction.  You should remember this when investing too.  We could have a total socialist in office, but it doesn't mean that you should move out of the country or bet on a horrible economy for the rest of your life.  A libertarian revolution could be happening right under your nose, but you just don't see it because you are watching the mainstream media talking heads and looking at the fools in Washington DC.  We should not underestimate how much the politicians can wreck the economy, but we also shouldn't underestimate how much the free market can overcome.