U.S. War in Libya

The United States, joined by other countries, is now attacking Libya. (As a side note, before the massive centralization of power that was occurring even before Lincoln's war, it would have been "the United States are...", instead of "the United States is...")

Of course, when I say the United States, I really mean the U.S. government.  The U.S. government is firing missiles to take out certain targets of the Libyan military.  People have been protesting in Libya for weeks now and the Libyan dictator, Gaddafi (spelled a million different ways), has not backed down.

This article by Lew Rockwell makes the point that it is possible to both oppose Gaddafi and oppose a war on Gaddafi and that is the position Americans should take.  As a libertarian, I am aware that in most situations, the opposite actually occurs of the stated purpose for a government program.  If the government passes a law to help poor people, it will inevitably make people more dependent on government and more poor.  If the government tries to save water by mandating low flush toilets, it ends up using more water trying to flush a toilet several times because it doesn't work.

The same thing will happen with war.  By intervening, the U.S. government actually reduces the chance for liberty in Libya.  By giving orders and blowing things up, it will only turn the people of Libya against the United States.  It may actually strengthen Gaddafi from this perspective and even if Gaddafi is exposed of, who will take power and will it be a puppet of the United States?

The executive branch (presidency) of the U.S. government really does have dictatorial powers at this point.  There has been no declaration of war by congress.  There hasn't even been an authorization, like what took place preceding the Iraq war.  This is not a compliment to Bush in any way.  It is just to point out that Obama is just as evil as Bush and that Obama does not favor peace.

If the Libyan people have an overwhelming desire for liberty, then they need no help.  If they don't have a widespread desire for liberty, then why would the U.S. government get involved?  If the liberty movement became widespread enough in Libya, then Gaddafi would fall just as others have.  The men in the military would feel great pressure from friends and family and would turn on Gaddafi.  This needs to happen naturally without the U.S. military bombing buildings and causing massive death counts.

As far as the economy and your investments, this whole episode should just confirm to you that spending will not be reduced in any way until a financial Armageddon hits.  The cost of these missiles is actually very low when you compare them to the trillion dollar deficits.  But this whole thing is another straw on the camel's back.  Don't expect Obama and the congress to stop adding straws.  They will continue to spend money like crazy until the Fed refuses to buy U.S. treasuries.  The Fed will only stop buying treasuries when it faces the prospects of massive inflation or hyperinflation.