Paul Ryan and His Roadmap

Yesterday, I severely criticized Obama and his ridiculous "plan" to "cut" the future deficits.  Today, it is time to pick on the Republicans, so let's have a brief discussion about Paul Ryan, a congressman from Wisconsin.

Paul Ryan has a so-called roadmap.  But just like with Obama's plan, it doesn't actually cut the size of government.  All it does is reduce the rate at which government is increasing.  It takes the already proposed budgets and reduces them, but the government will continue to get bigger.

If Paul Ryan wants to reduce spending, don't give me a 10 year plan (just as Obama gave a 12 year plan).  Instead, reduce government spending right now.  The current budget does nothing to reduce government spending.  It increases spending.  Let's stop with these future plans and do it now.

I have one other suggestion for Paul Ryan.  Instead of giving us your roadmap, how about you start repealing all of the hideous things that you helped pass while Bush was president.  Paul Ryan supported TARP (the bailouts), he supported the Medicare prescription drug plan (socialized medicine), and he supported "No Child Left Behind" (the centralization of government education).  These are just a few of the big things that he did to support big government.

If Paul Ryan is serious, he should repudiate all of these horrible votes from his past.  But he won't, because he is a politician and he isn't serious about cutting government.  He is a fraud.

Don't believe any of these Republicans in DC.  The only person who is at all serious about cutting government is Ron Paul.  His son, Rand Paul, comes in a distant second.  There might be a few other tea party people in the House who are half-decent.  After that, the Republican politicians are a bunch of frauds.

Again, the national debt will continue to grow no matter which party is in power.  It will take a severe fiscal crisis to stop the spending.  It will be done the hard way.