Rick Perry and His Campaign Are Not That Bright

When Rick Perry entered the presidential race, he was instantly the front runner.  Then he had to show up at the debates.  He stumbled a bit and the other candidates beat up on him and his record (and rightly so in most cases).  Some of his not-so-conservative record from Texas was exposed.  He also has the problem of a Texas swagger and a Texas accent that remind people of George W. Bush.  Bush is not all that popular these days, even in the Republican Party.

Even though he fell dramatically in the polls, I still thought he had a chance to recover.  He raised a lot of money and still had a significant backing.

He should have hired me as his campaign manager (or someone like me because I wouldn't have worked for the man because he is horrible and I am a Ron Paul supporter).  Nobody can turn him into a great debater, but if he had been given some good advice and taken it, he could have made a comeback.

This is what Perry should have said in the last couple of debates in New Hampshire.  It is also what he should say in the upcoming debates, but probably won't.  He should say something like the following:

"If you like Ron Paul on domestic issues, then I am with you.  I agree with Ron Paul that we need to start eliminating departments and making big budget cuts.  As far as economic issues go, I am the closest one here to Ron Paul.  But I know some of you disagree with Ron Paul on foreign policy.  I don't agree with him either.  I believe we need a military presence in the world to defend our vital interests.  If you are looking for the anti-Romney candidate, I am your man.  I agree with Romney to a great extent on foreign policy.  I do not agree with his economic agenda of Romneycare and keeping the status quo in Washington DC.  I am the best parts of Romney and Paul put together.  For all of you Tea Party conservatives out there who want a real fiscal conservative who is strong on national defense, please consider supporting my campaign."

Some of this would be a lie.  He really isn't close to Ron Paul on domestic issues.  But saying all of that would attract a lot of people in the Republican Party who are not Ron Paul supporters and who are uncomfortable with Romney (which is almost half the party).

Instead, Perry used the last couple of debates to say he would march back into Iraq and that we shouldn't support Romney because he broke apart companies.  He also said that everyone else was an insider, including Ron Paul.  Have you ever heard such a ridiculous claim in your life?

Perry has continually messed up.  He coulda' been a contender.

I am glad that Perry and much of his campaign staff are a bunch of fools.  He would have been a horrible president and he would have given fiscal conservatism a bad name.  At least with Obama messing things up, nobody can seriously claim that it is the fault of his capitalist policies.