Most Financial Advisors are Keynesians

You should be responsible for your own money.  You work hard for your money and you should guard over it.  While I am not completely against the idea of financial advisors, you should be warned of their capabilities.

Most financial advisors are Keynesians.  They believe that spending drives an economy.  While some are more to the left economically than others, even many of those who say they believe in free markets do not really understand free market economics.  By far, the biggest mistake that financial advisors make is that they do not understand inflation.

Inflation is an increase in the money supply, although the definition has been changed through the years by the statists.  Now inflation means a general increase in the price level, which is really the eventual result of an increase in the money supply.  Many financial advisors do not understand how big of a threat inflation is to an investment portfolio.  They think stocks will protect against inflation.  Most do not believe in a substantial holding of gold or gold related investments.

This is why you have to look out for yourself.  Even if you have an honest financial advisor who means well, he may not understand inflation.  He might not understand the possible ramifications from the government spending and debt and the previous monetary inflation that has taken place.  He might not understand just how big of a threat this is to your investment portfolio and to the average American's standard of living.

Ron Paul has probably changed this slightly.  There are probably a few out there now who do understand this.  Unfortunately, most of these people probably work for a big financial company.  These financial advisors probably do not have much flexibility in devising their own portfolios for their clients. They are probably given formulas and certain criteria to follow.  It is actually a shame.

While most financial advisors may not understand free market economics, they are not necessarily useless either.  A lot of these people are quite intelligent and they may do a good job of analyzing individual stocks and mutual funds.  They may actually have a good track record in comparison to the broad stock market indexes.

If you are someone with a lot of money and you want a financial advisor to help you out, then you might be fine.  But be sure to take your own action in protecting against inflation.  You can be fairly certain that your financial advisor will not be buying a lot of gold investments for you.  Personally, I would just avoid financial advisors completely and manage your own money if you are knowledgeable enough to do so.