Random World Thoughts and Other Things

1)When people say "the world" (me included), do they really mean the planet or the earth.  If the world means the universe, then this is a completely different thing.  If I say that there are 7 billion people in the world, then "world" must be planet.  It can't mean the universe in that sentence because there could be more people in a galaxy far, far away.

2)Why would anyone ever predict an end to the world?  If they are wrong, then they just look like fools.  If they are right, then there will be nobody around to give them credit for it anyway.

3)Did some people actually think the earth was flat several hundreds of years ago?  When they looked all around them, did they think they were right in the center?  Why wouldn't you just start walking and realize that you were not getting any closer to the edge?  And if there were an edge, like a big cliff, wouldn't you be curious and want to see it?

4)If there is less than one ounce of gold for every person on earth and many central banks hold gold, then that doesn't leave very much for everyone else.  Imagine if a large portion of Americans actually started buying gold as an investment.

5)Is popularity a self-fulfilling prophecy?  I sometimes listen to Sean Hannity on the radio in the car.  I can't really stand him most of the time, yet I still listen.  Part of me wants to hear the latest political news.  But part of me just wants to hear what he is saying so that I know what a lot of other people are hearing. What if those other people are listening for the same reason?  We are making him popular for no good reason.

6)Judge Napolitano's show has been cancelled on Fox Business.  While he is a libertarian in most respects, his show wasn't completely libertarian.  He had on a lot of guests who were not libertarian.  Do you think a true libertarian show could thrive on television?  It is hard to say because it has never been tried.  None of the main networks will allow it to happen.  I'd like to see a show by Tom Woods and Robert Murphy.

7)If technology is growing exponentially, and so fast that computers are becoming smarter than humans, then when are computers going to start telling humans to support libertarianism?