Will the Delegate Strategy Work for Ron Paul?

There is a lot of talk on the internet, and even by the Ron Paul campaign, that the media is not reporting what is actually happening in the race for the Republican nomination.  It has been pointed out, even by Ron Paul himself, that many of these primaries are basically just straw polls and that many of the delegates have not even been decided yet in states where voting has already taken place.  This article published a couple of weeks ago is fairly representative of some of the things I have been reading and hearing.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news on this one.  I really don't want to rain on anyone's parade.  Please don't take this as being negative.  Please don't think that I'm telling you to give up.  Please don't think I am telling you not to vote or voice your opinion.  But I am going to be a realist here and tell you that the chances of a Ron Paul presidential Republican nomination are extremely slim.

Does anyone really believe that Ron Paul can win this, even if it did go all the way to the convention?  The Ron Paul camp is trying to win this on the technicalities of the Republican Party rules.  If anyone is going to win based on technicalities, it sure isn't going to be Ron Paul.  If anything, if Ron Paul were actually the front runner, I would be waiting for dirty tricks by the insiders to try to snatch it away.

Even if it did go to convention, I don't see how Ron Paul could have a majority of the delegates, even after the delegates are no longer "committed".  If anything, it would be Santorum, Gingrich, and Romney teaming up to make sure that the nomination does not fall into Ron Paul's hands.

Based on my outlook, I have no reason to be disappointed at this point.  A lot of libertarians thought this was our last chance.  They thought that the whole point of the Ron Paul campaign was to win and that nothing else mattered.  I had no delusions about this.  I knew his chances would still be slim.  I am positive about the whole thing from an education standpoint.  There are hundreds of thousands of new libertarians now because of the Ron Paul campaign.

As far as the Republican race goes, Mitt Romney will be the nominee.  As I write, he is projected to win Wisconsin, Maryland, and Washington DC.  Romney has been the front runner ever since Rick Perry took a nose dive.  Perry was really the only person capable of beating Romney.  But Perry was a horrible debater and had some really bad advice.  Santorum and Gingrich never really had a chance.  Santorum wants to shove his religion down the throats of others.  He would have been destroyed by Obama.  And Gingrich has too much personal baggage, along with an unlikeable personality.

You are going to see more and more politicians line up behind Romney now.  We have seen those great conservatives (that's sarcasm) like Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio line up behind Romney.  The rest will soon follow, with certain exceptions like Ron Paul.

I think Ron Paul should continue his campaign for educational purposes, assuming he doesn't run on a third party ticket.  However, I don't think the Ron Paul campaign or Ron Paul supporters should go around pretending that he can still win the Republican nomination.