Rand Paul's Political Career is Done

This whole situation is ironic.  In trying to advance his political career, Rand Paul has virtually ended his political career.  Rand Paul could have taken the torch from Ron Paul.  He seemed like the perfect candidate to many.  He has the same last name.  He is his son.  His first name is the last name of Ayn Rand.  He is a senator.  He could've been a contender.

If there is one thing that Rand Paul has made clear, it is that no two people are alike, even if you are related by blood.  Look at Warren Buffett.  He is a pure statist, yet he is the son of Howard Buffett who was a great libertarian congressman.

Rand Paul ended his political career when he endorsed Mitt Romney.  It doesn't necessarily mean that he will lose his next election, assuming it is for re-election in Kentucky.  He won't ever be president and he won't ever be vice-president.  I don't know if he'll run, but he will never have one-one hundreth of the influence that his father has had.

Rand Paul has completely blown it.  He did not understand why his dad was so successful.  As Tom Woods recently wrote, Ron Paul reached out to the remnant.  He did not play politician in order to please people.  Ron Paul is not charming and good looking enough to have ever won the presidency (at least during this era).  If he had played politician like his son is doing, he never would have amounted to much at all.

Rand Paul does not understand that his dad is really popular because he is radical.  Ron Paul followers don't want to hear another hack who pretends to be in favor of smaller government and offers half-measures that would never pass and do not motivate others to work for liberty.

Rand Paul's latest anti-libertarian rhetoric showed up in this interview on CNN.

He wants to get rid of some income tax deductions.  Unless you significantly lower rates across the board, then this is the equivalent of a tax hike.

He also talks about revenue neutrality.  This is my biggest criticism of the Fair Tax.

The best part comes when the interviewer says that when she talks to him (Rand Paul), she sometimes feels like she's talking to a Democrat.  She said that he isn't like others in his party who are obsessed with cutting spending.  Rand Paul is flattered by her comment.  I'm sorry, but if anybody said that to me during an interview, I would be very quick to correct them.  Maybe they could say I'm more like a Democrat because of my views on civil liberties or the drug war.  But if someone said I'm like a Democrat because I don't want to cut spending, the next thing I would say is that I do want to cut spending and I want to cut spending drastically.

But Rand Paul didn't say that.  He is playing politician.  He wants everyone to like him.  The problem is that the remnant is liking him less and less.  I'm guessing that a lot of hardcore Ron Paul supporters are just about done with Rand and will never contribute another dollar to any of his campaigns.

Rand is not Ron.  Rand is a conservative politician.  Ron is a libertarian.  Ron will continue to teach people and spread the message of liberty.  Rand will continue his political game.  Ron is probably the most influential congressman ever.  Rand will be forgotten in history.