Mitt Romney and the 10th Amendment

There are two human beings in the history of America to have signed legislation mandating that individuals buy health insurance.  It just so happens that those two individuals are the two major candidates in the presidential election this year.

Mitt Romney and many of his conservative defenders like to point out that Romneycare was just done in Massachusetts.  They point out that it is a state issue and that while Romney passed such a plan for the state while governor, he would not support such a thing for the entire country.  In other words, there are many Republicans who are actually claiming that Romney is a states' rights kind of guy.

Of course Romney only signed legislation affecting Massachusetts.  He was a governor.  There was no way he could pass something for the whole country.  And of course Romney is against Obamacare.  The hatred of Obamacare is the one thing that most unites Republicans and Mitt Romney is running on the Republican ticket.  Do you think he would have gotten the nomination if he said he supported Obamacare?

So the one major difference between Obamacare and Romneycare is that Romneycare only applies to one state and not the whole country.  But does this make Romney in favor of states' rights?  Is he a big supporter of the 10th Amendment.

The 10th Amendment reads, "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."

If Romney really supported the 10th Amendment, then he would not support 90% or more of what the federal government actually does.  In fact, he would be calling for the elimination of entire departments like Education, Housing, and Agriculture.  Unfortunately, Romney is not calling for the elimination of any departments or really any specific cuts at all.  He didn't even do this while campaigning in the Republican primary, so you know he is certainly not going to cut anything if he is actually elected.

Romney can't even get it right with another medical related issue.  He implies he is against Obamacare because he is in favor of states' rights, but he doesn't even respect the right of states to determine their own laws regarding medical marijuana.  He says he would fight against medical marijuana tooth and nail.  Watch the video below (thanks to Lew Rockwell):

Romney has no interest in smaller government.  He talks about it a little bit to pander to his base.  Anyone who is going to vote for Romney thinking they might get smaller government is simply naive.

The only way anything will be cut under a Romney presidency is if the Federal Reserve makes the decision to stop buying any more government debt and let interest rates rise.  That may force the government to cut back, or at least slow down.  Government spending will not be cut because of any philosophical principles that Mitt Romney holds.