A Political Speech For a New Era

Here is the text of a short speech I have written for some future politician running for office in the U.S. Congress.  As I have written before, there will end up being a battle between generations, and I believe the younger generation will eventually win.  This speech will not appeal to many voters in Naples, Florida.  It will appeal to the tens of millions of young people who are struggling every day.

Here is the speech.  Any future politician can feel free to use it.

My fellow Americans, I come before you today to speak of a great injustice that I see.  We are supposed to live in a land of liberty and opportunity.  Unfortunately, I look around today, and I see sadness and despair.  I see people who have lost all hope for the future.  I see people who are struggling just to get through each day.  I see a generation of Americans who are worse off than their parents.  It is not supposed to be this way.

Our country is now faced with a massive national debt and unfunded liabilities of hundreds of trillions of dollars.  The large majority of the federal budget it going towards the military, interest on the debt, and so-called entitlement programs.  It is the last item that I wish to address today.

Programs like Medicare and Social Security are referred to as entitlements, as well as government pensions.  But why are people entitled to these?  They can say they paid into them, but does that really matter now?  These promises were made in the past by politicians trying to buy votes.  The money that was collected in the past has already been spent.  The only way to pay for these programs now is by inflating the currency more, accumulating more debt, or collecting more taxes.  But we can't print any more without completely destroying the dollar, we can't borrow any more for the same reason, and taxes are already too high.

The young people in this country never made these promises, so why should they be burdened with having to pay for them?  I look around and see young people barely scraping by.  They struggle to raise kids.  They have to make tough decisions on what to forego in life.  It is difficult for many now just to make enough money to meet the basic needs of housing, clothing, food, medical care, and child care.

Meanwhile, I look at an older generation that is doing quite a bit better.  Sure, there are some who are struggling.  But there are many who don't work and spend their time playing cards, playing golf, going to dinner parties, taking vacations, and soaking up the sun.  To be clear, I have no problem with people doing any of these activities.  The problem is that they are doing these activities at the expense of a younger generation, while that younger generation struggles to stay above water.  This is an injustice.

That is why I am proposing a new plan to radically reform this so-called entitlement spending.  We will cut all Social Security payments by 10% per year for the next 5 years for anyone who is under the age of 80.  The so-called retirement age will be raised gradually up to the age of 80.  Anyone under the age of 80 will also be responsible for a higher co-pay when using Medicare, which will eventually be eliminated for anyone under 80 who is not severely disabled.

This does not mean that people cannot retire in their 60's.  People can decide to retire any time they want.  They simply have to plan for their future and save enough money to fund their own retirement.  These so-called safety nets of Medicare and Social Security have turned into retirement plans, while they hold down all of the people working who are forced to pay for them.

Of course, with these cuts, we will see a dramatic reduction in the federal budget and we will see a proportional decline in payroll taxes.  This will lift a huge burden off of younger people trying to get started in their adult life.  Why should they have to pay into a system that does not benefit them now and will eventually be bankrupt anyway?  Why should they have to continually struggle with a stagnant economy that cannot grow due to massive government taxes and interventions?

So I ask you, if you are a worker, struggling every day to get by, and you would like some relief from paying for the relatively lavish lifestyles of the older generation, please vote for me in the upcoming election.  We are not talking about throwing anyone out on the street.  We are simply asking for justice and fairness.  We are asking the older generation to stop placing such a heavy burden on their children and grandchildren.  Please vote for me and let's get America back to where it should be.