Romney vs. Obama, Round 3

I struggled through the last debate between Romney and Obama, and it certainly was a struggle.  I only watched it so that I could comment on it on my blog here.

It was really boring and filled with political rhetoric designed not to say anything inoffensive to the small percentage of voters who are undecided.  At this point, most people have made up their minds.  Some people are firmly with Obama and some are firmly with Romney.  There are also people like me who are firmly with neither one.

So there is a small percentage of the voting populace who plan to vote but don't know who they are going to cast their vote for in the presidential race.  These are the so-called independents.  I'm not really sure how someone can get to this point without having made a decision, unless they simply don't like either one.  I wish these people would resolve to themselves that it is not their patriotic duty to vote for one of the two big party candidates.

The last debate was on foreign policy.  Romney sounded like less of a war hawk than he has in the past.  Again, he is trying to pander to the small percentage of undecided voters.  Obama tried to act a little tougher, although he still manages to come out as the anti-war candidate, or at least the less pro-war candidate.  Of course, Obama's words do not match his actions, especially when it comes to foreign policy.  He has continued the Bush wars and started some new ones, although smaller in nature.  He claims to have ended the Iraq War, yet there are still tens of thousands of American contractors there.  I guess if the government subcontracts the work out, then it isn't considered a war.

Romney is an unknown.  It is known that he will continue the pursuit of empire building, but it is hard to say how much of a war hawk he will be in office.  He panders so much on the campaign trail, it is difficult to know what he will do with anything.

If the Federal Reserve weren't there to create fiat money out of thin air to pay for the wars, these wars would probably never happen, or at least not on the same scale with the occupations.  If Americans had to pay direct taxes to fund the wars each year, then most would rebel.  The government is only able to wage large-scale wars through deficit spending and money creation.  Of course, the Fed was not mentioned again, just as it wasn't mentioned in any of the other debates.

In conclusion, I thought Romney was mostly incoherent with the things he said.  He was trying to please the independent voters, while trying to be pro-war enough so as not to upset his base.  Obama sounded a little better and he will probably get away with his words because the voters that count now are not paying much attention to his foreign policy record of war and intervention.

This election is really a nightmare for a libertarian.  I miss watching the Republican debates with Ron Paul.