Election Predictions

My friends and family keep asking me for my predictions on what will happen in the elections, particularly with the presidential election.  So I thought I would share my predictions with everyone.

I predict that we will have more war and more foreign intervention.  I predict that drones will continue to fly overseas and even in America.  I predict that innocent people, including little children, will continue to be killed for no other reason than they lived in the wrong place where the U.S. government decided to drop bombs.  I predict that most foreigners will continue to hate and despise the U.S. government for trying to rule over them.

I predict that we will have another 1 trillion dollar deficit next year.  I predict that there will be no significant cuts in government spending.  I predict that the Federal Reserve will continue to resort to monetary inflation as long as the CPI is somewhat tame.

I predict that unemployment will continue to be a problem.  I predict that the minimum wage will stay where it is or go higher.  I predict that the government will continue to spend money with the excuse to create jobs.

I predict that the federal war on drugs will continue.  I also predict that the government will continue to spy on people, including Americans.  I predict that the Patriot Act will go on.  I predict that the TSA will continue to touch people in inappropriate places.

I predict that the FDA will continue to keep life-saving medications from getting to the market.  I predict that the government will continue to fund and oversee the majority of the medical care in the country.

I predict that we will continue to have big government.  I predict that the government will stay big until the people peacefully revolt or until the laws of economics force it to shrink.

I know I am really going out on a limb with these predictions, but that is just my guess.