Happy Thanksgiving

I hope everyone out there has a happy Thanksgiving and that you get to enjoy it with good food and good family and friends.

During this time of year, many people recognize what they are thankful for and sometimes this is the only time of year that it is done.  Some people don't even do that much.  Most people who do say their "thank you's" will usually cite family and friends.  This is appropriate.

In addition, I like to point out that we should be thankful for the times we live in.  I know that the economy is really tough right now on a lot of people.  But if you are reading this, then you have some kind of an electronic device with internet access.  This would have been unheard of just twenty years ago.  If you have this much, then you probably also have food on the table every day and clothes to wear and a warm place to sleep.

There are still a lot of people in this world who do not have those "luxuries".  I suppose the good news is that there is a higher percentage of people in the world today than at any other time who do have plenty of food and clean drinking water and a good place to sleep.

I think recognizing this can help you in your own life.  It can make you less scared and make you feel like you can conquer most anything that comes your way.  If you are struggling financially, at least you can recognize that you don't live in a world where you have to go out and hunt for your own food or else starve.

I think there is also a good balance to be found in enjoying our 21st century luxuries and also staying humble.  This economy has humbled a lot of people.  I am optimistic that we will find liberty again and we will see a new prosperity that cannot even be imagined today.  I am thankful that I see a libertarian spirit starting to arise, particularly in the American people.  Let's hope it continues.

Happy Thanksgiving!