Guns In America

With the recent tragedy that took place at an elementary school in Connecticut, it seems that nearly everyone is clamoring for some kind of a solution.  Some people want armed guards in all schools across America.  Some want teachers to carry guns.  Others want more gun control.  Some on the left go so far as to wanting all guns banned.

While it is a great tragedy, it doesn't mean there is necessarily a grand solution in preventing something similar from happening again.  There are crazy people out there and we live in an uncertain world.  As long as we live in a somewhat free society, it is impossible to achieve total safety.

From a cost/ benefit analysis, the answer is to do nothing.  It is hard for people to do a cost analysis when you are dealing with human life, but it is happening all the time, whether you like it or not.  On an average day, there are about 4 times as many deaths in America from car accidents as the number of deaths from the school shooting in Connecticut.  That is in one day.  If you are going to put armed security guards in every school across the country, wouldn't it make much more sense to put roll cages on every single car?  It would save hundreds of times more lives.

Of course, this whole incident is being used as an excuse for more gun control.  However, you can't get any more gun control than at a typical school, where guns are banned.  Unfortunately, the bad guys don't seem to want to follow the rules.  The same thing would happen if all guns were banned.  Many of the good guys would give them up, while the guns would remain in the black market.

One other obvious point to libertarians is that the government doesn't impose gun control on itself.  Having an armed citizenry is not only important for self defense against street criminals.  It is just as important, or perhaps more so, to have a last line of defense against your own government.  There was strict gun control enforced upon the Jewish people who lived in Germany in the 1930's and we all know how that ended.

Regardless of what you think about guns and what the laws should be, I will tell you this.  GUNS WILL NOT BE BANNED IN AMERICA.

It doesn't matter what Obama says.  It doesn't matter what Diane Feinstein says.  It doesn't matter what people at the United Nations say.  Guns will not be banned in America.

It is estimated that almost half of American households own a gun.  I'm sure it is much less than this in the big cities, particularly in the northeast and west coast.  I'm sure the numbers are much greater in rural areas and in the south.  But a lot of Americans own guns.  Americans own more guns, even on a per capita basis, than any other country.

There will be no gun ban.  A lot of people are worried about Obama right now.  This is the opposite of a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Because there are so many worried people, it won't happen.  What police unit or military unit is going to go door to door in the south to collect guns?  They would be safer in Iraq.

If we see anything, it will be tinkering around the edges.  It will be mostly symbolic.  There may be a ban on certain "assault weapons".  There may be a change in the so-called gun show loophole.  The worst I can imagine is an additional tax on guns or bullets, but even that I would find hard to believe.

So if you are worried about Obama taking your guns, you don't need to be.  But then again, I don't want to tell you that.  Keep worrying.  Then I will know for sure that it won't happen.