Merry Christmas and Peace

I hope everyone out there has a merry Christmas and is able to enjoy spending some time with friends and/or family.  It is easy for Americans and others in first-world countries to take for granted that we live our daily lives with plenty of food and adequate shelter.  The good news is that there is probably less poverty today (at least percentage wise) than at any other time in history.  We can thank the flourishing of liberty, along with the advancement of technology.

Regardless of your religious beliefs, I think Christ sets a good example of how we can live our lives, at least in terms of morality.  All of the major religions are grounded in common law.  You should treat others how you wish to be treated.  You should not harm other people or their property.

It really amazes me how many people there are who call themselves Christians, yet are some of the people most clamorous for war.  To this day, many Christians will defend the U.S. government and its starting of war in Iraq.  While some of these people are complete phonies, I really believe that many of these Christians have just not thought through their position.  How can you possibly be a follower of Christ and yet be supportive of dropping bombs that kill many thousands of innocent people?

When it comes to arguing in favor of libertarian principles, I believe it is important to use both moral and pragmatic (or utilitarian) arguments.  However, when it comes to the issue of war, I believe that the moral arguments have to be placed front and center.  I want Christians, and all other war supporters, to become fully aware of what they are supporting.  The evil ones can keep supporting it.  The good guys need to see the illogic and immorality of their position.  You cannot be a follower of Christ and advocate the killing of innocent people without being inconsistent.

Merry Christmas to everyone, whatever your beliefs are.  May Santa bring a new found peace in the new year, so that everyone around the world can enjoy some peace and tranquility, and hopefully some presents too.