And Then There Were None

Ron Paul is no longer part of Congress.  I can now say that ALL politicians in Washington DC are worthless.  I always had to make an exception in the past.  And believe me, Ron Paul is an exception.

It is not to say that they are all the same in DC.  They mostly are though.  They are not all evil.  Some people get into politics with good intentions.  But the power and prestige ultimately corrupts them.  Some are more evil than others.  Some may even have a good heart, but still lack principles and conviction.

Ron Paul is not passing the torch to anyone in Washington DC and this includes his son and Justin Amash.  I will send an apology along to any current politician in DC who proves me wrong.  If Ron Paul is passing the liberty torch to anyone, it is his devoted followers.

Am I too harsh on those politicians who supposedly lean in favor of liberty?  Am I really supposed to get excited when someone in Congress is principled enough to vote against budgets that are over 3.5 trillion dollars?  Am I supposed to get excited over a politician who doesn't vote to increase taxes, when taxes at all levels are over 50% for some people?

So there are some politicians who are better than Joe Biden and John Boehner.  So what?  That isn't saying much.

I want to see politicians who are willing to make the really tough votes.  For instance, Ron Paul voted against giving a medal to Mother Theresa.  It required funding from Congress.  There is no authorization in the Constitution.  The last president to do anything like this was Grover Cleveland.

As Ron Paul said in his farewell speech to Congress, we shouldn't look primarily to politics for advancing liberty.  It must be done through example and through changing hearts and minds.  Ron Paul has done more to change hearts and minds than perhaps anyone in history.  There are millions of people who have a far better understanding of libertarianism due to the work of Ron Paul.

This was the low hanging fruit.  About 5 to 10 percent of the population are naturally inclined towards libertarianism.  Ron Paul spoke using his platform (the big one starting in 2007 with his presidential run) and some people found their home without having to do much research.  Now the really hard work comes.  We have to convince more people that liberty is far more beneficial and moral than big government.  There are people with these inclinations who need a better understanding.  This will be a matter of chipping away.

The future defaults that are coming by the federal government will probably help our cause in the long run.  When the politicians can't keep the promises that were previously made, either by themselves or previous politicians, then the idea of voting for a free lunch will be up.  More Americans will be forced to deal with reality.  That will be the time when libertarians must close the deal.

In conclusion, I am happy for Ron Paul that he doesn't have to deal with the slugs in DC any longer.  I hope he continues to work for liberty through education.  While it is possible that someone could replace him in Congress, it is doubtful.  Ron Paul is unique.

We don't need a big advocate for liberty in Congress any longer.  He used his platform to promote his message.  We can carry on this message without needing a platform in the political arena.  We have the internet now.  The message can't be stopped.