The Contradictory American Mind

There are polls showing that Congress is widely unpopular.  There was one survey that showed Congress is less popular than cockroaches and traffic jams.  For this alone, I applaud the American people for realizing that the politicians in Washington DC are generally not looking out for their best interests.

But there is a problem.  While most Americans are against the Congress, they keep re-electing the same people into Congress.  The reelection rate for 2012 was about 91% for the House of Representatives and 91% for the Senate.  So while the average American doesn't like Congress, they find their own Congress critter acceptable.

Can they all be right?  No.

If incumbents are being elected at a rate of over 91%, while only 9% approve of Congress, then there is a major disconnect.  People aren't looking into the mirror.  Most people think it is someone else's fault.

While I think there are far more liberty-minded individuals today than there were 10 years ago, there is still a lot of work to do.

While a large majority of Americans are upset with what is going on in DC, they are not nearly irate enough.  They have little idea of how much they are being taken advantage of.  They don't realize that the power of a small number of individuals rests solely on the consent of the general population.  How can 535 people in Congress rule over 300 million people?  The only way is for a large majority of the 300 million people to consent to it.

So while a large majority of Americans are unhappy with Congress, they still look to Congress to help them. They want their favorite federal programs left in place.  They think they need the politicians to keep them safe and secure.  Until this mentality changes, we will continue to live in chains and Congress will continue to rule over us, even if they are unpopular.