Harry Browne's Message

Harry Browne ran for president twice under the Libertarian Party ticket.  His first run was in 1996.  His second came in 2000 against George W. Bush and Al Gore.  On October 25, 2000, just before the election, he wrote a piece entitled "Do You Want Smaller Government?"  It was published in the Wall Street Journal.

Take a couple of minutes and read Harry Browne's message.  I really miss his wisdom and his principled character.  I think he is one of the few individuals in this world who could be trusted with power, in that he would give it up willingly.  Ron Paul is really the only major politician I have ever seen do this.

I wish that Harry were alive today to see how far the liberty movement has come.  He saw the beginning of the internet and even used it effectively in promoting his message.  He did not see the Ron Paul revolution start in 2007 and I think he would be pleased at just how far things have come.

Harry Browne always had a message of hope.  He believed that a yearning for liberty was part of human nature.  I think he will be proven more and more right as time goes on.