Election Results and Obamacare

As I write this, it looks as though Terry McAuliffe will be the next governor of Virginia.  However, the election results are extremely close.

I was expecting McAuliffe to win easily.  While I don't consider Virginia a given for Democrats, such as New York and California, I consider it more Democratic leaning than Republican.

The results are extremely close.  There is about 1% separating the Republican and Democrat.  And more surprisingly, the Libertarian candidate received well over 6% of the vote, which is quite remarkable given how close the race was.

So while McAuliffe may be the winner, it is actually Obamacare that is the loser.  I will explain further.

McAuliffe is a sleaze bag.  He is as corrupt as they come.  I know this not just because he is a politician.  I know this because he is a close friend of the Clintons.  Anyone who voluntarily hangs around the Clintons is likely to be a bad apple.  Most Clinton associates either end up in politics, end up in jail, or end up in an "accidental" death somewhere.  I guess it is lucky for McAuliffe that he ended up in politics.

Now back to Obamacare.  The Republican candidate in Virginia was backed by the Tea Party.  He is what is considered a conservative Republican.

Meanwhile, the Libertarian, while not a radical by any means, supports lower taxes and less government.  I don't buy the mantra that the Libertarian candidate always steals votes from the Republican candidate.  There might be a little more truth to that at the state and local level, but most people who vote Libertarian have a mind of their own anyway.  They could just as likely have stayed home or put down a write-in candidate.

In this particular election, if you combine the Libertarian vote and the Republican vote, McAuliffe lost by over 5%.  And while Obamacare is not really a state level issue (unless you are talking about nullification), it is one of the top things on the mind of voters.  You better believe that Obamacare is having an effect on people's attitudes towards Republicans and Democrats and it isn't good for the Democrats.

I think Obamacare is only going to become more of a disaster as time goes on.  Wait until people actually have to start paying the exorbitant premiums for lousy coverage.  I think the Democrats are going to pay a heavy price in 2014.

I think the Virginia election points to this.  Even though the Democrat technically won, it was not with a majority of votes.  He just barely won in a state that does not usually go conservative.  The majority of people voted for someone who they perceived as being for smaller government, at least in terms of the economy.  Both the Libertarian and Republican were anti-Obamacare, at least in rhetoric.

It looks as though the Democrats will experience heavy losses in 2014.  It is still possible that Obamacare could get repealed.