Obama Does Something Right

I have been critical of virtually everything that Obama and his administration have done since the moment he took office.  He has been a disaster on all economic issues, on civil liberties, and on foreign policy.  I consider him a disaster on foreign policy because he has continued the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (although to a lesser extent in Iraq) and he has also started new ones.  He has also used drone bombings in his arsenal to kill even more innocent civilians.

But while I consider Obama and his administration a disaster, I think he may be the lesser of disasters when it comes to foreign policy, at least in terms of the two major parties.

The latest foreign policy news is that Obama is welcoming a deal regarding Iran and its pursuit of uranium enrichment.  It would also lessen sanctions on Iran, which are really just sanctions against the innocent people living there.

I can't imagine that George W. Bush would have ever been a part of such a thing.  I also can't imagine John McCain or Mitt Romney doing it.  Maybe there is a chance with Romney, but McCain as president seems like it would have guaranteed a world war or nuclear war.

When Obama was running for president both times, I said that I thought it was better that Obama get elected over his main opponent.  While I consider Obama to be evil when it comes to foreign policy, he is actually less so than what his opponents were indicating they would do.

Obama has been terrible on fiscal policy, but at least most Americans recognize him as pro-big government.  So with a still struggling economy and Obamacare almost instantly turning into a major problem, at least Americans can blame Obama and his big government policies.  If Romney were president, some would be blaming his supposed free market policies for everything that is wrong.

In that sense, Obama has been really good for libertarians.  He is about as good as we could have hoped for in foreign policy from either of the two major parties.  It still is terrible, but probably the least bad.  In terms of economics, Romney and McCain would have both been bad, but at least with Obama we can correctly blame the problem of big government policies.

And if we are going to get big government policies, it is actually better to get them in terms of more welfare as opposed to more warfare.  While Obamacare is terrible and really probably will result in needless deaths, at least it isn't killing anyone directly at the moment.  With war, death to innocent people is almost a guarantee.

I think this whole deal with Iran is a great step forward toward more peace in this world.  It is a small step, but at least it seems that it is a step in the right direction for once.

Despite what all the war hawks said and continue to say, the people of Iran are not evil.  Even those in power there are not as evil as what has been accused.  They are no more evil than most American politicians.  The former president, Ahmadinejad, was supposed to be a true nut case according to the Republican hacks.  He was supposed to be the next Hitler.  Yet, he stepped aside for the next president who was elected by the people.

So while this is a small step and it doesn't excuse all of the other evil things done by Obama, I will say this one time that Obama may have done something right and just.