The Government and Your Diet

It really is amazing that many things the government tells you are not just wrong; they are the opposite of right.  This includes what you eat and what other substances go into your body.

The government will tell you to avoid eating saturated fats because it can cause heart disease.  But the government is not just wrong that saturated fats are harmful.  What you are being told is the opposite of the truth.  It is not as if you avoid saturated fats that you will get the same outcome as you would have had if you consumed saturated fats.  Saturated fats are good for your health.

In other words, by taking the government's advice and consuming little or no saturated fats, you are actually making yourself less healthy.  You are not getting the health benefits.

It is not just that the government is wrong.  It seems that the government is actually trying to sabotage good health.

Of course, it is not just politicians and bureaucrats that work for the government.  It is also big pharma, the so-called mainstream media, lobbyists, and even many doctors.  It is a full scale brainwashing taking place.

Let's also look at sugar as another example.  Consuming sugar, especially in high doses, is not a healthy thing to do.  If you want to have a proper diet and live a healthy lifestyle, it is best to minimize your sugar intake.

With that said, I believe that sugar is far less harmful than high fructose corn syrup (HFCS).  Yet, the government does everything it can to promote HFCS over sugar.  The government puts heavy tariffs on sugar imports, making is far more expensive to import sugar from other countries (where it is cheaper and easier to grow).  At the same time, the government gives huge subsidies (welfare) to the corn industry.

If it weren't for the government, sugar would be inexpensive to use.  Instead, we have all of these products that use HFCS in place of sugar in order to save on costs.  And then the government will lie to us again and say that HFCS is not any more harmful than sugar.

Seriously, it is as if the government is trying to kill us.

If you want to eat right and be healthy, I wouldn't listen to anything the government tells you.  You would almost be healthier just doing the exact opposite in many cases.  You should also take this into consideration when deciding whether to cure an ailment with prescription drugs or natural remedies such as vitamins and supplements.

If politicians and bureaucrats are telling you to stand up, you should probably sit down.  If they are telling you to avoid saturated fats, you should probably consume far more.  If the government tells you to stay away from raw milk, you should probably see what you are missing out on.