The DEA Clashes with Doctors

The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has been quietly bullying doctors in Massachusetts.  Since the state legalized the use of medical marijuana a couple of years ago, some physicians are associated with medical marijuana dispensaries, such as serving on a board.

The DEA has been quietly paying visits to the homes and offices of doctors associated with medical marijuana companies.  They are giving an ultimatum to doctors that they must choose between working with these companies or giving up their DEA license.

Physicians and dentists who prescribe drugs and other controlled substances are mandated to register with the DEA.  This in itself is an abomination.

So doctors are now faced with a choice of giving up their positions with medical marijuana companies or giving up their DEA license and be prevented from legally prescribing medications.

Ironically, the U.S. House of Representatives recently approved legislation that would stop DEA agents from raiding medical marijuana dispensaries where states have legalized medical marijuana.  If it gets to Obama’s desk, I wonder if he’ll sign it.

What Constitution?

We know that the federal government doesn’t follow the Constitution, but this is really a blatant violation.  The politicians in DC pretend to pay allegiance to the Constitution, but their actions and policies usually violate it.

If the Constitution were followed, there would be no federal drug laws.  There are no enumerated powers that give the federal government such power.  According to the 10th Amendment, this should be left to the people or the states.

But the worst thing here is that states are explicitly stating that medical marijuana is legal.  Yet, the federal government is still interfering with state law.  This still continues with the pro-civil liberties Obama (note the sarcasm) who promised in his initial campaign not to interfere with states that legalize the drug for medicinal purposes.

Yes, Obama broke a campaign promise.

Big Government vs. Individual Liberty

Medical marijuana has been legalized in 22 states since 2010.  Marijuana itself has now been legalized in two states.  These are steps towards liberty.  It is a slight loosening of the grip of big government.

Don’t for a minute think that this has happened because of the generosity of politicians or because some of them all of a sudden saw the light.  This is all a result of popular opinion.

Ideas have consequences and, in this case, it is a good idea.  More and more people are realizing the absurdity of the drug war.  It is particularly obvious with marijuana, a drug that does far less harm than alcohol.  It is especially absurd when the government prevents sick and dying people from seeking relief.  Medical marijuana actually does help people without all of the bad side effects of other drugs.

The DEA is still trying to control and bully people, but it has to be more discreet now.  Popular opinion is slowly shifting away from big government and more towards individual liberty, at least for this issue.

The next step is to abolish the DEA.  I’m sure many of the doctors in Massachusetts would appreciate that.